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From ECQ-GCQ-MGCQ. From March-July 2020. From 76 kilos – 55 kilos

ECQ is my opportunity for self transformation. I really lost kilos during this period.

My Routine
1. 45 minutes Jogging-in-place a day. Make this your focus. (moderate to high intensity)
2. Cycling on weekends (GCQ and MGCQ period)
* Eating eggs before biking give more energy to help burn fat while keeping full and satisfied. 
3. 1 cup of rice every meal
4. More glasses of water
5. Coffee (Black) 🙂
6. Turmeric tea before sleep

My Health Benefits
– Lowers my high blood pressure
– Improve mobility
– Improve blood sugar level

“Commitment is what transforms
a dream into reality.

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